Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sample Email

Here is a sample email. If you use this, make sure to make it your own - don't just cut and paste! If people get hundreds of simmilar emails, they will notice - if they hundreds of identical emails, they might ignore them.

"Sir [or madam],
I am prompted to contact you by a public plan to desecrate a consecrated Eucharist announced recently by University of Minnesota Morris faculty member Dr. P.Z. Myers. Dr. Myers announced this plan on his blog (link below) while referring to Catholics in a most crass manner. Dr. Myer often uses his blog to attack Christians with the harsh language of a bigot, but he defends himself by declaring he opposes all religion.

I would like to point out, however, that Dr. Myers stated in a press interview he would never desecrate a Koran because it would be 'like desecrating a graveyard'. This shows that Dr. Myers' antagonism is not toward religion in general (as he claims) but against Christianity in particular.

I hope that you realize that these statements by a member of the faculty and his actions cast UMM in a very poor light. Dr. Myers' blog is a public document that makes frequent reference to both his anti-Christian bigotry and his employment by the University of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota Morris linked directly to Dr. Myers' blog until the middle of July, 2008, giving it tacit endorsement. It is obvious that regardless of the stance of the University and its administrators Dr. Myers is using his position with the University to lend authority to his bigoted statements.

While the University cannot be responsible for the statements and actions of Dr. Myers, they are responsible for how they react to them. I hope you agree with me that there is no place for such bigotry in the UMM faculty. If so, please contact the President of UMM and express your concerns.


[use your real name]

Dr. Myers' statements can be found here;

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